It was a rainy day in Dubai and our gig got cancelled last minute. So Dia and I decided make use of the weather and put together an impromptu shoot. I contacted Scarlet. She had this “Winter is Coming” look that just went so well with the day’s mood. Fortunately she agreed to do this last minute and off we went. We hit up The Last Exit, Design District (d3) and Al Serkal Avenue. I shot photos, Dia shot the video above.

There were no expectations or briefs, no clients checking up on my screen, no rules at all. I had ordered a $25 CCTV lens (yes you read that right!) with an adapter to screw onto my Fujifilm X-T2 so I thought I’d bust that out that day. Let me tell you a little bit more about this lens:

  • Its about the size of half your pinky
  • Fully manual focus, no electronics
  • Aperture ring has no clicks or markings, just smooth rotation all the way
  • There are several imperfections in the glass that make certain parts of the image blurry

We produced these imaged with a small reflector and one off camera flash. I’m a huge advocate it of “It’s not your gear, its you” so these images (if you like them) go to support that.

Short one this time, let me know you think and check out Dia’s vlog about that day at the very end. Peace!!

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