My friends and I decided to have our buddy’s bachelor party in Iceland. We took Iceland Air to fly into Reykjavik and I couldn’t help but notice the flight attendant closest to us. Now, I know what you’re thinking, yes flight attendants are generally good looking and there’s selection bias when hiring one. However, this was different. It’s wasn’t the uniform or all the cliche stuff, it was her eyes, big and bright blue, contrasted by the fairest skin I had ever seen and hair so blonde it was almost grey.

Wait, here comes another one, with bigger and bluer eyes, and fairer skin, and blonder hair!!! And another one!!! This time he was a man!!! And yes, I am comfortable enough with my sexuality to say he was one good looking mother*^%#. I started wondering, “is everyone from Iceland this beautiful?”

After we took off I waited till they were all together so I don’t look creepy just talking to one of them. I went up and said “Hi, my name is Waleed. I’m a photographer, and I noticed that all of you have really nice eyes. I’d love to take a photo of you if you’re okay with that.” They all declined and said they had extremely long days and weren’t up for it. However, assured me that everyone in Iceland had beautiful eyes and that I would have no trouble getting photos of them.