This is based on a personal experience. Obviously I wasn’t the woman but I was an observer. I was at a pool party with a bunch of friends. You know how its is… bikinis and booze. This one girl didn’t want to show her body off. She had a kaftan over her bikini and decided to get into the pool in it. The security guard FLIPPED OUT and made a scene. He made her take off her kaftan leave it outside the pool. The girl was quite embarrassed and that really got it to me. So what if she went in the pool in her kaftan? What’s the big deal? Who made this rule?

So I team up with with Emarati model Mouza aka “Mimi” and fellow photographer Nikith Nath and set out to express my self at the Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi.

Here’s a Behind the Scenes Video for you as well

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