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I’ve been waiting to draw something on someone’s face for a while now, but I didn’t want your regular everyday pro model. I wanted a regular civilian with a unique edge.


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Scarlet was my muse. The blue/gray eyes, pale skin, white/purple hair and piercings were the perfect combo.

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I asked her to bring a whole bunch of cheap lipstick so we can destroy on camera. Then, at about 1 am the night before the shoot I remembered that my bedroom had pink linen curtains that we had changed last year and I wanted to use them as a backdrop. (Okay fine, if you must know, I chose them to impress my wife when we first moved in, she hated them and changed them a few years later. Now that we have that out of the way…) I texted scarlet in the middle of the night asking her to bring whatever pink outfits she had. Knowing her punk rock/gothic style I knew that would be a big ask. Lo and behold, she came through with a hoodie that matched the curtains.

Scarlet text
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It was now time for Maheed to work her magic. I’ve worked with her a few times and liked how she nails the flawless contoured look, however, this day she would overcome her fear of “coloring outside the lines”. She totally nailed this look too.

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Shooting time, simple setup. I wanted a super soft look so I setup my 2 Profoto B2’s. The main light with an OCF beauty dish and the fill light with a large Octa. I then added 2 reflectors below scarlet to bounce back the light and create nice catch lights in her eyes.

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