I don’t get to come to instameets often by man do I love them. It’s not only a chance to get and shoot with likeminded people but also to see who’s behind those accounts double tapping and commenting. I showed up with no expectations  or ideas and I was  honestly a little lost at first. Then, a short walk with @jullzbek led us to a little shop with a plastic sheet for a door and this series was born. I’m not really sure what to call it so feel free to suggest some names but in my mind it represents our creative youth breaking out of the plastic wrap/cookie cutter lifestyle that our previous generation put us in. You know the one where you have to be a doctor, lawyer, or an engineer? Yeah that one

Shout out to everyone that helped put this #WWIM16DUBAI together. (@aalrais @hudabinr, @aljvd, @eletrico_ae  and @olaaaly)

ps. If I shot your photo then you can download an Instagram version here
pps. If I missed or misspelt your name please get in touch and I’ll fix it
ppps. Send me your photos along with your insta handles and I’ll put them up in the blog. BTS shots welcome
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