So it looks like we’re gonna be on lockdown for a while but is the world really going to be the same even after we’re allowed out again? We still need to buy stuff to live so I guess brands still need to advertise.

Here’s a thought: Why don’t you send me your products? I’ve set my house up as a studio and can utilize all the nooks and crannies to bring your ideas to life. You could be with me virtually via zoom or whatever other platform you prefer. You’ll be able to see both the setup and the image popping up on the screen live as I shoot. Hey, I’ll even wear whatever needs to be worn.




Stay with me on a zoom call while I shoot. Multiple camera angles to feel like you’re with me and the photos pop up on your screen as I shoot.
Indoor setup with a white backdrop or an outdoor fantasy vibe. Or both



Height: 175cm | 5’9″
Shirt/Tshirt: Large
Waist: 34 inches
Shoes: 9.5 US | 43 Euro

DSCF7353 by Waleed Shah


I shoot on Medium Format GFX50s. That’s 50 megapixels of tasty goodness. Shot wide without enough space on all sides, the same image can be cropped into multiple formats and still maintain more than acceptable resolution for use online and in large print.

Give me a ring on +971506142063 or email [email protected] and lets talk