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Rock Your Ugly is more than a photo project. Here we have over 50 unedited portraits of real people accompanied by their personal stories covering issues like child abuse, obesity, PCOS, alopecia, vitiligo, cancer, drug abuse, self-harm, eating disorders, depression, and the list goes on. Each story is narrated by the Rockstar (yes I call them Rockstars) in their own words. Some have gone through something and came out the other side, others are still struggling. There is no bias, just a snapshot in time.

I hope this helps you see that you’re not alone in this world. We are all struggling in silence and it’s okay to talk about it. Reach out to a friend, a stranger, a therapist, or even me; I’d love to chat.

CNN – “Shah made sure that his photographic series carried a message to everyone who felt insecure or unsure of his appearance.” – “Waleed asked his subjects to showcase their biggest body-related insecurity front and center.”

Daily Mail – “Shah has shared touching pictures of men and women proudly displaying a part of their body that they feel insecure about.”