Portfolio Building Day | 15th December 2018

Portfolio Building Day | 15th December 20182018-11-27T10:16:51+04:00


Dear Model, Makeup Artist, Wardrobe Stylist, Hair Stylist, Local Brand, Photographer and Videographer,

Building a portfolio can be a long and expensive process. You may currently be at a point where your skills match the industry’s standards but you don’t have a body of work to show it. So I’ve partnered up with MA MODELS to provide affordable opportunities for you to collaborate and enhance your professional body of work.


We are working to bring you a beautiful location and we’ll announce this soon. Stay tuned

How it works


Models | MUA’s | Hair Stylists | Wardrobe Stylists

  • Register and pay the fee according to your profession.
  • You will then be assigned time slots and grouped with fellow creatives to execute a look shot by Waleed Shah.
  • We commit to allowing enough time to execute 3 looks. We could potentially execute up to 6 looks depending on how fast the team works together.
  • Images will be uploaded to a link a shared for everyone to choose the photos they would like to purchase for a fee of 150 AED per image
  • Now, here’s the interesting part… the cost of each image will be split amongst everyone who wants to purchase that image. So collaborate, talk amongst yourselves and choose the same images to drive your costs down.


  • Register and pay the fee
  • You will then be assigned a time slot and location to execute a look.
  • You commit to deliver at least 3 images per look to the team that showcases the makeup, hair and wardrobe


  • Register and pay the fee
  • Send your pieces to MA Models anytime prior to shoot day
  • Number of pieces depends on multiple factors so get in touch with us to have a conversation about it
  • We commit to deliver at least 5 images with your pieces in them. However, there is no limit to the number of images. You will get everything that was shot and selected by the team.


To register please click the register button according to your profession. You will be directed to make a payment via PayPal. Once you’ve completed that please email [email protected] with your Name, Phone Number and Profession and we’ll be in touch from there.


  • 150 AED per image shareable with other creatives

MUA | Hair | Stylist

  • 150 AED per image shareable with other creatives


  • Must deliver 3 images per look to all creatives


  • At least 5 images guaranteed with no upper limit

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Frequently Asked Questions2018-11-27T09:53:07+04:00

Who can sign up for a Portfolio Building Day?

Models, Photographers, Make Up Artists, Hair Stylists, Photographers and Videographers. Basically anyone who is looking to elevate their portfolio will benefit from this collaboration. Clothing and accessories brands can also send in their pieces to have the photographed.

Why do I need a Portfolio?

Before putting together a portfolio, it is important to know what type of work you can do. A portfolio of a freelance model would probably include a variety of different types of photos, while a portfolio of a high fashion model would have high fashion images, and so on. So be realistic from the very onset of your career to avoid any setbacks or rejections due to the fact that you are attempting to enter a market that is not best suited for you. You should know that your portfolio is a true first impression of yourself as a professional. A portfolio will always be the first thing that agencies and clients look at before they even choose to see you in person. And for that reason, it is highly recommended to focus on the building of an impressive portfolio that will enable you to establish a successful career. Pay attention to the quality of the photos you choose to include in your portfolio. These photos need to impress agencies and clients alike and make you stand out from the rest. So always aim to project the best possible image of yourself.

How many photos do I need?

It is better to have fewer photos that are great, than having more photos that are of poorer quality. So the rule of thumb is that less is more. As a new professional, your portfolio should have 6 – 12 photos, especially when you are presenting yourself to a new agency. As an established professional, your portfolio should ideally have anywhere between 15 and 20 photos. Always keep in mind that the purpose of a portfolio is not only to show your good looks or skills, but it should also demonstrate your ability to portray/execute different characters, age ranges, styles and personalities. For this reason models should include good headshots without makeup, these are called Polaroid’s. It’s also important to have good body shots, with swimwear or tight-fitting clothes, especially if you plan to apply to the larger model markets. In terms of the type of photos to include in your portfolio, there are no specific rules that you should follow, but just remember to keep your portfolio as professional as possible by only including high quality photos. Do not feel pressured to include pictures where you are in a swimsuit or lingerie, unless that is the type of industry you want to work in.

What do I get for it?

  • Professional photoshoot with Waleed Shah, lighting, backdrop, location, a make-up & hair-stylist, an assistant\dresser.
  • Guidance, support and advice from Lisa Lazarus in Catwalk, Photographic stills, Fashion pose, Make Up, Hair Styling, and skin care. Lisa is a Model, Actress, Miss Great Britain and Founder of MA Models.
  • A number of high end retouched images that you choose
  • At least 3-6 different looks
  • Venue will be in an exclusive studio/location.
  • Photographs will be professional retouched to edit any flaws, under eye shadowing, blemishing, marks etc. Make you look your studio best.

How long does it take?

This question is highly dependent on the location and number of people that sign up. Please be prepared to spend a full day with us. Usually sunrise to sunset with a few hours extra to select photos and wrap up.

What would the schedule look like?

Every look usually takes 30-60 minutes to prepare with Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe. Shooting time then takes about 20 minutes per photographer. The final schedule will be based on this and sent out to you closer to shoot day.

How do I register and pay?

Register by clicking the “register” button below your profession (scroll up). You will be re-directed to make your first registration payment via PayPal. Once you’ve made your payment please email [email protected] to inform us of your registration and include your name, profession, phone number and instagram handle. We will then be in touch with more info. On shoot day please bring enough cash with you to settle the final bill after you select your images.

Note: if you are unable to use PayPal please contact us and we’ll find another way.

When will I get my images?

About 1 weeks from shoot day provided that all payments have been made

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