Guest Blogger: Hannah Taha

According to the yoga Sutras, through practice, we will uncover our “true self.”  There are certain obstacles that come in the way of our life that might not allow us to realize who we really are. Yoga teaches us that the moment is precious because it reflects the infinite possibilities that exist outside the confines of time. Every moment holds the information, guidance, and support we need to succeed and grow spiritually. It has been said that God is either “now, here” or “nowhere.” When our thoughts and actions are rooted in the moment, we come closer to the experience of the Absolute.

I started my yoga journey with my sister, and we thought this would be a cool way to express ourselves.
I love practicing yoga with my sister, Amina. We both completed our Yoga Teacher Training this summer in NYC, and we learned a lot about “uncovering the true self”.

“False-identification is confusing the nature of the seer or Self with the nature of the instrument of perception. In other words, false identification happens when we mistake the mind, body, or senses for the true Self.”
—Yoga Sutra II.6

We’ve created this challenge, of 10 days of “mirrored asanas” (mirrored yoga poses). Follow me (@hannahtaha) and my Sister Amina (@aminahtaha) to take part in the challenge.

Photos by Waleed Shah (@waleedshah) shot on Fujfilm X-T2


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