So the COVID-19 pandemic hit us hard economically. Most of us freelancers are out of work. So I thought about highlighting the little guys that are hustling in a new concept called “Mowjood”, which means “I’m available, hire me!”

Check out everyone’s stories, expertise, and please reach out to them for work.

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Mowjood - Big Hass

​Usually, I’d have everyone write their own story but Big Hass is one of those humble humans that will probably not do justice to his greatness. So I’ve decided to attempt to do it for him.

You cannot talk about our region’s music scene without mentioning Big Hass. In fact, I think he’s the most hard-working and influential figures in the industry. Some know him as the host of Saudi Arabia’s first Arabic hip hop radio station (Laish Hip Hop), while others know him as an MC, or en event organizer, or a host on Pulse 95 radio. Yes, he’s all of that combined but much more. This man has dedicated his life to lifting homegrown musicians up from a purely underground listenership to the sound systems of the average joe.

But hey, human beings have personal lives too, right? This man moved his family to Dubai solely so his autistic son could have more opportunities to develop. Since then, he’s become the loudest voice you that screams “AUTISM IS NOT A DISEASE!”

Unfortunately, there are a few idiots that come at him for the pettiest of reasons. Like this guy hasn’t done enough the community already. But hey, someone once told me, “life is like a video game; if no one’s shooting at you then you’re going the wrong way.”

ps. Big Hass can probably be president one day. I’d definitely vote for him.

Mowjood - Emma Brain

​I’m Emma Brain, and I’ve been in the UAE since 2003. What do I do? Radio and tv presenter, voiceover, writer, sometimes actress and model.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been working on personal projects to expand my portfolio, learning a few new things, and focusing on what I want to do next. The pandemic has really changed the way the media industry has been working and it’s super tough for freelancers, so it’s about reinventing and expanding horizons.

I’ve been working a lot on my acting skills and a few recent projects, one for a social app and another for a student film have really helped with that.

I take inspiration from so many people and am always listening and learning from others.

My industry, in particular, has been hit extremely hard and definitely online, self-promotion and working for yourself is the way to go.

Mowjood - Curl Therapy

​Mony and Sara, two passionate curly women who will stop at nothing. One of our favorite things in the world is curly & textured hair. We have been working relentlessly on opening the first real and authentic curly hair salon in Dubai. Our dream is to change the stigma around curly hair, that it’s messy, unprofessional, unattractive or any of the other bad reputations it’s always been associated with it.

​We’ve struggled all our life to understand it to give it what it wants so we can make it look like we want it to. And after getting trained and certified by Lorraine Massey, the woman who unlocked its secrets, and after reading and continuing to research and make ourselves more knowledgeable, we are happily and eagerly sharing our knowledge and helping our curly clients reach this once-upon-a-time unattainable goal.

​After COVID-19, we are working harder and more vigilant as ever to keep doing what we do in a safer and controlled environment. We draw inspiration from several international curly hairstylists, but nature, especially trees, is a constant reminder of hair shapes and silhouettes that resemble our curls in so many ways.

​The word art has so many beautiful things that fall under it and we take pleasure in creating art every time we give a girl a custom-made dry curly cut that can transform the way she looks entirely.

​If someone had told us just 3 years ago, that we’d be doing this, we would’ve both had officially declared you insane. But here we are, curly hair stylists, waking up every day, wondering how we’ll take a head of curls and sculpt with our shears something magnificent out of it.

Mowjood - Rund Samman

​My name is Rund Samman. I’m a 21-year-old Graphic Designer from Saudi Arabia. I wouldn’t really want to introduce myself as that though because I’d like to believe that I’m not just a graphic designer.. more of a creative and passionate soul, but I guess graphic designer sounds more professional.

The last few months starting lockdown were a disaster. I was at a very low point in my life.. lazy, demotivated, and kind of lost. I sat at home overthinking my entire life for 4 months. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life once I graduated and started asking myself, do I want to get a job? Do I want to study masters? Do I just want to do nothing? I guess I was just scared that I wouldn’t be able to succeed in anything I would do after university. I think I’m still scared of that because my family and friends see me as this great designer who can achieve whatever she sets her mind to, but I don’t really see it yet. I don’t want to disappoint anyone with my decisions but I also don’t want to do anything I don’t want to do, and I’m still trying to figure out a way to deal with that.

My latest project was my senior project at University, where I created a makeup brand that helps empower women in Saudi Arabia and helps them overcome all the stereotypical thoughts people have about them.

There are so many artists in the world that inspire us all, but I don’t really have a specific one that inspires me, it’s mostly the people around me that inspire me… my family, my friends, my professors. But my dad especially is someone I aspire to be like.
I believe that the art world is a place where people can express themselves freely without being judged, a world where you are free to be whoever u are and whoever u want to be and no one can tell you otherwise. And I hope it stays that way because everyone needs a place to escape to, and I guess art is my escape from reality.

I should really be telling myself this as well but, stop doubting their capabilities, because you really can do anything you set your mind to if you do what you love then you’ll never fail.

Mowjood - Sawsan Saad

@sawsan_saad for Mowjood| موجود

​Egyptian by blood, Emirati by heart and Jordanian in thinking best describes me. This combination made me an expert in multiple accents and languages. I am a known Tv and Radio presenter around GCC and MENA.

I started my career in 2009 with fox international channels and now in Dubai media. I am a proud 32 year old influencer also international announcer and Stadium MC. I was selected by FIFA to MC and announce the World Cup in 2018 and 2019. I also announced the AFC Asia UAE Cup 2019. 
My passion includes sports, adventures, entertainment, fashion, Food as well as hosting web and TV shows.

I’ve been spending the last few weeks on online courses, Cooking new recipes, YouTube fitness stuff, and going live every day with one of my friends.

The pandemic made me change everything, the way I think, the way I do things, and also to be a better version of my self to adapt the new changes coz the big challenge is not now, it’s after corona.

I’m currently working on two movies after the pandemic that will be in cinemas. One is a comedy and the other is a thriller. I’ve also got a new Instagram show, new YouTube show called “Top Dish”, new TV show called “After Corona”, and finally, I’m working to complete my Phd in Media.

When it comes to the art world, I think a lot depends on how long this all lasts, of course,I’m an optimist in a time of crisis. Creativity was with us in the caves; it’s in every bone in our bodies. Viruses don’t kill art. But even successful artists will be pushed to the limits and I think Instagram is almost all we’ve got. I really advise artists to think globally and act locally, Of course, art will go on. That goes without saying since art is much bigger and deeper than the business that supports it. Art will vanish only when all the problems it was invented to explore have been explored.

In times like these we have to support each other by “giving”. Trust your self, believe in your superpowers, focus more on your dreams, forgive yourself and love every day. Simply live your life with passion and love and wash your hands 5 times a day.

ps. Shout out to Mohamed Saeed Hareb creator of @freejcartoon

Mowjood - Abbigail Laird

Being a performer ‘singing’ is one way I get to express myself and it makes me feel like it’s almost a better version of myself that I get to become… So I didn’t let it stop me singing and dancing in my bedroom when I feel I needed that release during lockdown to try and distract myself from the crazy world 🌎

Alongside this I did the usual lockdown checklist – Making banana bread(for the first time and it was great) – Pajama parties(gave it a name so I didn’t feel too guilty about being in pajamas all day eating popcorn) -Read a good lockdown book ‘When I Woke Up’ by @pauljohnevs (it’s a true story on having the spirit to survive and living life to the full) which was ideal at this challenging time!

Now the end is in sight and I am gradually getting back to doing what I love! I have been working with @dannylangston_drums on a duo act with vocals and percussion. We shot a promo video recently(find us @redlightinsta) We were outside and it took way longer than expected and ended up with heatstroke and was sick for three days! #behindthescenes that’s commitment for you 😂

I’m now well and raring to go more than ever before and ready to take your booking. So hit me up for your event today 😉

Mowjood - Maram Ashour

I’m Maram Ashour! An Egyptian / Canadian / Dubaian. You could say I’m an Art Director turned Fitness freak. Or you could say that I’ve turned fitness into my art.

I’m an everyday girl who, like everyone, had a battle with hating my workouts and being way too hard on myself & my body image. But once I found HIIT & used my creative background to make fun & diverse workouts, I fell in love with sweating. I just needed to share that feeling with everyone. My passion for fitness & for making a positive difference made me decide to take a leap of faith and work on me & my brand.

I’ve spent the last few weeks virtually training a badass group of women, who push me to be a better instructor and person! I’ve spent it hugging my 2 fur babies, enjoying morning coffees with my husband & Eid feasts with family & friends. I guess what I’m trying to show is that being fit & healthy is both physically & mentally. Find a middle ground where you get to enjoy life too! Don’t ever let your workout or “diet” interfere with important moments!

Post Pandemic? Is it even over? Haha. Well actually, I decided to quit my job pre-Pandemic and freelance as an Art Director, while I give my classes & Youtube workouts more focus. Suddenly COVID hit and boom zero freelancing jobs! I actually didn’t stress at all, I saw it as my opportunity to give my Fitness passion the chance it really deserved, and I am so thankful that I did that, it’s given me so much happiness & purpose. Post pandemic, I’m gonna work twice as hard to build my brand & get people loving to workout!

My latest project has been my 1 WEEK HIIT CHALLENGE on YouTube. Free workouts every day, just for 1 week so that it is a measurable realistic goal. Making it easy & accessible to every single person!

I hope Art can be carried everywhere, in paintings, films, ads, workouts, and just life.

I’d like to end this by saying be kinder to yourself.
We are each our own worst critic & we can be so damn hard on ourselves. There’s beauty every single one of you, find it and embrace the hell out of it <3

Mowjood - Yara Lazkani

​EXPRESSIONIST is the closest title to my purpose where I aim to help individuals fully express their most authentic selves in their own creative way. Content creation is all around us. And sometimes we wish to be part of it but we don’t necessarily know where to start and how to do it. For me, creating content has given me joy and enabled me to express my emotions and my art.

Before the pandemic, I created a community festival @chinchintalu that focused on art, mindfulness, and performances. I had also just launched an entertainment agency but then COVID happened. In quarantine, like many of us, I had a tough time finding my flow but I also had plenty of time to fully focus on experimenting with creating content and editing videos which triggered a new road for me.

Some friends were interested in my videos and asked me to coach them in choreographing videos for their own brands. Others had blockages in exposing themselves and their work which we worked through. And voila, with my previous experience in life coaching, I’m excited to announce that a transformative program is ready to help you tap into your own creative machine and overcome the fear of expression!

I tell the world that there is TRUTH in expressing yourself. Whatever it is. Your story, your life lesson, your skills, your silliness. Your gift is meant to be shared online or offline because someone in the world right now needs to hear or see what you have inside of you. Sharing who you are is your gift to the world. All you need is to find the courage to express and not care what others will think about you. Easier said than done. Hit me up if you would like to be shift and express!

Mowjood - Mohamed Almadfai

​Hey, Hope y’all are safe, healthy, and happy. My Name is Mohamed; At first, I’m not a man of many words but once the ice is broken I can’t stop talking.

I am what some might call an entrepreneur. Lately, like many of us I’ve been adjusting, adapting, and redefining the coffee game. The pandemic was good to some and harsh on others. It’s all a matter of perspective and where you are in life. It’s easy to say you have a choice to others when you are the one with that choice. Hence I tend to go on with life taking in the now and not overthinking the later. I was blessed with a great team and a supportive family, and we saw this pandemic through and emerged as the fastest-growing specialty coffee company in the UAE. The two cents that I would like to leave you with is that you don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great, keep going and let things be.

I wish you a hundred years of success but it’s my time.

Mowjood - Yesica Portialla

@yesicaportilladancer for Mowjood

​Hello, my name is Yesica, with Y and an S, special writing for a special girl. I am from Colombia where people are happy fun and most importantly they love art. I am a professional dancer passionate about the waist swagger and good music.

​The last few weeks I have enjoyed my life dedicating time to the most important person “ME” and I feel happy for the being that I have found, I have realized the new things that I am capable of doing and I am happy to start new projects that I had in mind but sometimes being cowardly stopped me to do it.

I remember the last project I did before the pandemic dressed as samba, I went on stage, I did my show and I never thought that it would take a long time without doing it again, the only satisfaction is knowing that every time I do it, my heart surrenders completely.

​Currently, I do not have an artist to inspire me, I feel inspired by people who do not stop, who dream, who fight, who live, and above all who are themselves without fear of what they will say.

Art has left me the best years of my life and I know that this pandemic can never stop this universal language which makes people live.

I hope that everyone can fulfill their dreams, live, love, and do what we like the most without neglecting your inner person.

Mowjood - Diana Taha

You can say I come from many places that got mixed together to form one.

Every chapter in my life was so different, and it crafted a piece of my puzzle.

I believe originally I came from the ocean, it’s where my soul is! A daughter of the moon?

have been called something from everyone’s points of view.

Too crazy, too adventurous, low profile, too strong, too quiet, too blunt, fitness freak, too lazy, a nerd, too confident, too hesitant, too emotional, too heartless, too heartful, too stubborn, too understanding.

I heard unlimited opinions that weren’t asked for!

Today I do marketing for a living, tomorrow, who knows!

I am all, a little bit of everything, A human that is undefined.

Mowjood - Michele Merheb

Hi my name’s Michele, with one L, not Michael, not Mitchell. I’m a peanut butter addict, I’m Lebanese and a quarter Brazilian, I speak French, English and Arabic (sarcasm in all languages) and I sing.
The pandemic really hit hard in all aspects of my life, and with everything happening around the world it definitely did not make it easier. But I always like to think that there’s a solution to everything and that as humans, whatever is thrown at us we can overcome so I’m trying to stay positive. And I just think we all need to take this time to reassess who we are as people and how we treat one another.
My latest project was a song called mirage that I wrote based off a dream, it’s basically a call for someone who is not there, who you miss and are longing for – I unconsciously wrote it about my family. Honestly, so many artists here inspire me with their art, work ethic and just overall who they are as people. I’m not gonna name anyone at the risk of forgetting someone, but they know who they are.
Without music and art in general the world would be a sad place so even though some of us feel like we’re not being seen or heard, I doubt that that’s true because even one pair of eyes or ears is enough, it’s better than none.

Mowjood - Azza Al Mughairy

​I am a mother AND freelancer MC and radio host / TV presenting as well as a content creator and X corporate and hotelier for 12 years. I have been spending these last few weeks busy and making this happen with everything that’s been happening ..this past pandemic showed me that being a mother and freelancer is the best decision I have made. Being a mother and hard-working and being able to be independent financially and being able to support my family and husband as well and being able to do a lot with kid and from home … that’s what has been my inspiration; A mother with a lot of AND’s. My latest project has been a lot of Instagram Collaborations with brands but the major one was presenting a whole event for a corporate bank from HOME on a digital platform with my daughter in the next room. Bigger things are coming if you want and never let motherhood stop you mama …أم و بعد موظفه مستقله في مجال التقديم و الاذاعه و صناعه محتوي .. مع خبره في مجال الوظيفي ل ١٢ سنه … في الاسابيع الي فاتت مع الازمه كنت مشغوله في تحقق اهداف كثيره في بالي و ما حبيت اوقف .. هذا الازمه خلتني اعرف انه قرار اكون أم و موظفه مستقله كان احسن قرار اخذتها في حياتي .. اني اكون أم و موظفه مستقله و معتمده علي نفسي و اساعد و ادعم بيتي معنويًا و ماديا و اقدر اكون في بيت و اسوي الكثير و انا أم و احقق الكثير من الاشياء و هذا الشي يلهمني الي هي الام و بعد .. اخر مشاريعي كانت كذا تعاون في مواقع تواصل الاجتماعي و اكبر شي كان تقديم حفل لاحد البنوك من البيت و عن طريقه المنصه الرقميه و بنتي في غرفه الي جنبي.. اشياء كبيره ممكن تصير في حياتك اذا كنت تريده يصير مهما كان و لا تخلي الامومه توقفك من تحقيق اي شي ..

Mowjood - Iryna Sadovska

By being a bright representative of a high-speed society, I am always in a rush and multitasking, looking for new adventures. The biggest challenge for me was always balancing between going wide and deep. But when the world around slows down and daily routines are subject to change, it allows us to see the overall picture in a high resolution.
This unexpected situation personally became a Litmus test to explore my strengths and weaknesses, I gained a new perspective on the people around me and was able to see the various ways people deal with challenges.
I found myself in a world of worriers where I chose to be a warrior. But not someone who would remain at war with myself, but would look back on trails and tribulations to move forward with better direction and more speed.
I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I know for sure – when life and everyone around you slow down… it’s an amazing chance to gain a new perspective, new insight, and to rethink the speed at which often passes people by. We can’t add days to life, but we can add life to days. So be kind, work hard and amazing things will happen!

Mowjood - Stephon Lamar

​My name is Stephon LaMar. I am a songwriter and entertainer, from North Carolina, USA. Over the last few weeks, I have tried to become a bit more introspective. With so much time inside, and to myself, I’m exploring new creative mediums. I’ve taken online courses, began studying acting techniques, and am now learning to write scripts/screenplays. I’m also reading a new script every few days to get more comfortable in that space. Some of the local artists that inspire me are @Megatronicuk: an amazing Dj and connector; @ExclusiveYossif: music producer, friend, and someone who motivates me; @Elvanitaa: a dancer and model, also my girlfriend and my biggest supporter.

I feel during this pandemic, the world is really taking notice of how valuable we as artists are. While everyone is stuck in their homes, we as artists are right there, digitally and virtually, entertaining in one medium or another.

If I could tell the world one thing, it is: Be understanding, be empathetic, and be compassionate.

Mowjood - Pirlanta Touba

I’m Pirlanta Toubba, I’m a filmmaker and the founder of, the creator of @lastseenlive and the Community Ambassador @nomad _dxb my passion for culture is my key driving force to enable and evolve the film and music communities to more active scenes within the industry.

I’ve been spending the last few weeks on how to further develop the business in these challenging times. My team and I have enhanced our branding and made plenty of time for webinars where we’ve interacted with industry professionals across the globe and be in the present whilst also thinking of our next steps forward independently and collectively.

I draw inspiration from a lot of regional artists one being Nadine Labaki – I love controversy and appreciate the true depiction of our realities in the Middle East. We need more films and art in general that communicate our stories globally. Through storytelling, we can break a lot of barriers and change the misconceptions portrayed in the Middle East. Apart from film, music is really important. Last Seen Live is not just a platform to showcase and support artists, at its core, it’s a cause. Last Seen Live was born to address the issues faced in our community. It’s not a quick fix, it’s going to take some time for the planted seed to grow. There’s so much talent and there seems to be no secured destination for them so far. But with a positive mindset and hard work, everything is attainable.

I think art is becoming less of an expression and more of an impression. Meaning everyone wants to more or less ‘impress’ given all the tools and technology, it’s becoming ‘cool’ to create. I’m on the other side of the spectrum, I see art as a form of expression. It’s cool when it’s real.

If there’s one thing I want to tell the world is to keep learning and work on expanding their knowledge and applying it by working with others. Teamwork is key to attaining growth and success. Stop doing everything on your own or taking shortcuts to get to where you want to be. Enjoy the journey, choose your team, create partnerships, and invest in yourself. Doing all the work on your own doesn’t end you up in the right places and shortcuts don’t usually take you too far. At some point, you want to take the high way to reach another city, no shortcuts there unfortunately and once you realize that you have to take the long road, you realize at that point you’re driving it alone. Let that sink in 😉

Mowjood - Nawal El Masri

Nawal El Masri; founder & storyteller of ( ) & a mental health activist.
lately, I’ve been building the blocks of exhale, painting, writing, journaling, puzzling, spending time with family & getting lost in books. I believe the pandemic has definitely given us a perspective on how important it is to press PAUSE on our life every now and then to reassess milestones. My next milestone project would be phase two of exhale which I’ll keep confidential for now and hopefully getting my master’s degree in Applied Psychology in Fashion.

My inspiration is derived from many different artists, speakers, photographers, producers, philosophers, and writers. All who color the world with their perspective and allow each of us to see a different light.

Without art, life would be dull and there would be nothing to relate to in my perspective. I hope the world gets #LOUDER, I truly do, in their belief, value, and journey. I hope they always find the courage to share their story, their internal thoughts. we are never alone and we will only heal within each other, together. We are humans, we need humanity, we need each other’s stories and perceptions. and if you ever feel like you have nowhere to turn you are always welcome to vent to us in the exhaler community group on FB.
Above all let us learn to listen and to accept one another and our differences. We deserve to live and let live and only God has the power to judge. Love to all #remembertoexhale

Mowjood - Carla Saad 2

Carla aka Casper here!
A Syrian-Palestinian, androgynous singer-songwriter for the indie fusion band As Per Casper. Got back from Berlin just under 2 months ago and since then been finding inner peace during this manic state of the world by kick-starting a series of music projects including writing new music for my band, hosting a weekly open jam session where musicians can quench their thirst for music after it being restricted for months now and lastly, I am in the final stages of launching an initiative involving some of the UAE’s phenomenal artists (stay tuned!).
But the most crucial project of all has been ‘self-development’!

Mowjood - Linda Al Shami

Hmmm.. “Introduce yourself”! I always get nervous every time I need to introduce myself, not sure why, maybe because I don’t know who I am yet, and I had just started my journey of self-discovery. My name is Linda Al Shami; I’m a visual storyteller and animator. I moved to Dubai almost 4 years ago, after I lived my entire life in Lebanon.
I started to self-quarantine before anyone else since I’m living with my elderly parents. To be honest, It was super challenging, especially for an extrovert like me. But I kept myself busy with work and new projects, which opened new doors for me.
I have learned so many lessons lately, perhaps the most valuable was to think boldly about what makes me happy.. and go for it without fear.
Getting out of my comfort zone enabled me to embark on my latest project, a personal animation called “Fragile: Handle with care.” It was inspired by all the situations I went through in life where emotions drove my decisions, and my heart was taking over, and that’s why I always ended up with heartbreak and disappointment. So it’s a self-reminder that the past could be painful, but the secret is to learn and move on.
Most of the time, my inspirations tend to come from my current surroundings and my mood. Art in general is one of the things that inspire me the most. Especially during this unprecedented time where the role of art is central in our lives. Art sets us free, and really it’s just a great escape from our reality, and this is how it will always be.
As an artist, there’s one question I always ask myself every time I have doubts is: “What makes you different from everyone else on the planet?”
It’s hard to tell sometimes really! Especially because we are often so critical of ourselves in comparison to other people.
But rather than feeling weighed down by your differences, celebrate them and put them front and center in your journey of exploration.
I believe that if you allow yourself to be happy about who you are, you’ll find out that you are much happier in your life. So DO NOT BELIEVE YOUR NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, because we have about 65,000 thoughts every day, and shockingly, 70% of them are negative. The choice to be happy is yours.. so make sure you choose right every single day!

Mowjood - Raeleen Murugan

I’m Raeleen – practically a local to Dubai having been raised here for the past 20+ years! Yes I am that typical third culture kid; proudly South African and yet also lived in Dubai and Toronto as well. I have always been a creative soul and today that means a digital hybrid and creative director – does that make sense to you? Probably why I have a BFA in New Media & a professional diploma in Digital Marketing 🙃

Today, as a diverse and creative hybrid I am constantly pushing myself to learn and try new things that are never monotonous – yet instead stimulating and allow a free flow of creativity through all mediums.

I’ve been spending the last 6 months healing from a nasty accident, intense physiotherapy, focusing on mental health, also being redundant, committing to working out everyday and job hunting at the same time. It’s literally exhausting just writing that all out… yet I’ve learnt most about myself during this crazy period of life and I have so much to be grateful 


I’ve decided to freelance during this pandemic (trying to), add a few more digital certifications to the resume, work on personal projects (i.e photography for @studiobyrae, web design and tattoo illustration for a 20 stitch scar) and help charities out. DM me to get involved. The job market is the worst I have ever seen it being raised here. I choose not to stress over soul sucking oversaturated job hunting as a main focus of the day and instead a prescribed recovery plan of self care & healing and helping preferred humanitarian causes. 

My advice: have a savings account in your mid 20’s! That is what is financially tying me over. And help humanity wherever you can, even if that means saving that extra $ once every week or consuming less. Simply help – It’s intrinsic to our human nature 🙂

Mowjood - Aemen Aisha

​Hi, I’m Aemen, a 22 yr old Marketer, figuring herself out.
For as long as I could remember, I’ve always been a creative individual who likes throwing herself into projects, I also recently discovered that I like writing poetry.

The last year of my life has been crazy but the most defining! I had to deal with the loss of my mother and figure out what grief is. I guess in a way her loss taught me a lot of lessons and gave me purpose.

Since COVID hit, it pushed back my process of getting a REAL job. I’ve been stuck in a constant cycle of internships & it’s about time I break free from it. I took this opportunity to do things I never had the time for before, selling my mom’s last assets so that everything can be donated to charity & running a private fundraiser to help a homeless man.

Currently, I’m trying to build upon my marketing skills so that employers don’t have a reason not to hire me.

I take inspiration from a lot of things being a marketer it’s mainly from brands, content creators & my friends. Here are some to list a few: @twinklestanly, @conceivedinthemind @omarghanem77 @tashyflashy @khalidalameri @waleedshah @amir.deleon

Life is short, pretty unexpected too sometimes so value your loved ones, chase your dreams, and make the most of life while we’re still alive.

As for me, I want people to know that I am worthy of a real job, I have the fire in me and I won’t let you down.

Mowjood - Ayham Homsi

​My name is Ayham, I also go by A’Y. I’m a co-founder of hrmny creative agency and music producer. I’ve spent the last few months working/thinking on how to create new ways to do business in the new world we are living in. I’ve realized that even though we were hit by a pandemic. Nothing has really changed. The approach is still the same. Execute as many ideas as possible. See what sticks. Repeat. The execution is different, but the mindset is the same. So in the spirit of reinvention and execution, I’ve launched a music producer product-focused division within hrmny called hrmny + Lab.

While I appreciate art and the art world. I tend to draw inspiration from entrepreneurial thinking artists. So people like @big_hass, yourself (@waleedshah), and @m_bailouni inspire me. Cause I love the consistency of execution, not just the art. And as far as the art world. I believe that it will do what it always did. Reinvent itself.

Do not treat this pandemic like it changed the world. Our world was changed when the internet arrived. The fact that we still enjoy the same level of reach means that nothing has changed. Again just the execution.

Mowjood - Dina Saadi

My name is Dina Saadi and I’m a Syrian-Russian street artist/muralist based in Dubai.
The past few weeks have been “interesting”! I’ve been mostly painting, working from home, watching TV with my husband, and cooking.
I think one of the biggest aspects the pandemic affected in my professional life is traveling. That is mainly because I travel to get inspired and paint pubic walls in different places of the world. However, since I can’t do that now, and hence don’t have access to paint public walls (which is my favorite thing to do), I decided to invest as much time as I can in developing personal projects, designing fashion products & painting a canvas at home. My latest project was about global warming and it’s a big canvas that I painted from home as part of “home festival” that was organized by Pangea seed foundation.
Also since all my local and international projects & commissions are canceled or postponed, I tried to keep my spirit up by being productive, fixing my website & trying to experiment with things I never had the time to do before.
I think and hope that the world will learn from this pandemic and come out of it with some kind of a resolution that values compassion, real human connections and more contribution to mitigating the destruction of the environment. I also hope that government and private entities will have more recognition for the importance of local talents in the art scene and in all fields in general.

Mowjood - Hamama Almansoori (braidbox)

Namaste. Its KOKO, creator of @braidboxx. I am a free-spirited being who has never been in peace with the restrictions that the culture and traditions force sometimes, so I finally broke free!

I’ve always been into art. Even when I’m not creating it, I’m appreciating it. Braids are a form of art that I’ve been intrigued by since I was a kid. With @braidboxx we are taking braids to a whole different level, accessible for everyone. We started last December ‘n it’s been amazing to see people’s reactions when seeing BRAIDBOXX at action.

You look at nature where art was born and you know its a hurricane we are going through that will have its damages after. Getting up after the hurricane is over is what matters. Currently, I’m doing home services and working on PEOPLE OF BRAIDBOXX; a before and after series, hit us up if you’d like to be part of making it or being in it.

Whats flexible cannot be broken. Get in a high state of mind and maintain it. You are way bigger and stronger than any virus. Go face your fears!!

☮️ & ❤️

Mowjood - Nervana Noweir

My name is Nervana Noweir I’m an Egyptian actress, model, presenter and architect.

Acting has always been my dream since I was a child but I thought it was hard to achieve. I always thought that I’m not good enough but attending Marwa Gabriel and Khaled Galal workshops changed all that I believed before. It is very hard to express those feelings as I believe that knowing yourself is everyone’s biggest challenge. Everyone has a talent that if he tries to pursue it. It will let him shine no matter how hard or how far it is. “Find what you love and let it kill you.”

In the past few weeks and after this pandemic I decided to take advantage of everything happening around. Although it wasn’t easy, I decided to be positive and to deliver this positivity to my family and friends. I spent more time with my husband and son and got back to reading and painting. I also started making videos to practice on my acting especially that I think that we were being distracted with unuseful things. So I decided to list my priorities and put a plan for my life and give my family and my career all of my time and energy.

This year I was lucky by participating in a series called “Kuna Ams” which is a drama series that highlights various social and cultural stories. Being my first work during Ramadan season, it was a remarkable milestone in my career.

Finally what I believe that we all should do this period is to try to find the beauty within everything and share love, kindness, support, and positivity to all people around. Trust yourself and believe in your dream.

Mowjood - Dont touch my hair

My name is Tumi, I’m a fashion photographer, DJ & content creator based in Dubai and Muscat. I’ve been spending the last few weeks filming different kinds of video content to see what kind of YouTube channel I should start (I also got myself acquainted with tiktok recently)

The pandemic has forced us to take matters into our own hands, and no longer wait to be reached out to. I’m just creating content i like & people who follow me vibe with, and that interests brands to want to work with me simply because I’m releasing content that looks like something they would’ve wanted to be a part of.

My latest project that hasn’t come alive yet, is a comedic cooking show where I pose as one of my many split personalities, an African aunty.

I’m currently drawing inspiration from my best friend @drankin_leen who started upcycling clothes, which is basically taking pieces and reworking them to look completely different. I love the idea of transforming old to new.

I think the art world will be slapped into reality. Not from the creators side, but more so from the corporate side. I think people are uniting against not being compensated fairly, and that this might be the time for that change to actually happen.

I wanna tell the world that.. it is what it is, just make the most out of it.

Mowjood -Pakinam El Sayed

I’m Pakinam. I’m a graphic designer (supposedly). I haven’t been doing much and I’m really enjoying it because life is hectic and when this is all over we’re gonna have to work twice as hard to recover from COVID. I just graduated so my life is confusing now anyway. The virus just made it confusing for one more reason. I’m trying to be part of creative projects so I don’t lose the creative flow I had pre-corona, it’s hard and a little depressing but it is what it is.

I’m inspired by so many artists and creatives here but right now I think everyone’s trying to figure their own shit out so I’m trying to be inspired by me before anything. Aside from myself, my boyfriend is something consistently inspiring in my life.

It’s important right now for creatives to be creative. No matter what, the art world will always be okay, it can get controversial or weird or depressing but people will always need art & especially now because people need to get things out of their system and you can’t really complain to someone because we’re all in the same shit right now. So… create.

Honestly, we all just need to be nicer (me included). People can be so awful and it’s just getting old. Hopefully this pandemic makes people realize that we need to treat the world with respect and our selves with more love. We also need to be more forgiving which I guess comes hand in hand.

Mowjood - Fafa

My name is Fafa, I am an artist based in Abu Dhabi. These past few weeks I have been focusing on my mental and physical health by cooking and keeping active. I’ve written some music but not a whole lot and I’m okay with that.

My strategy post-pandemic is to take more opportunities and stop being scared of saying yes. I’ve learned that life really is short and I’ve got to make the most of it.
My latest project is about telling the ones you love you love them and meaning it. If we are all there for each other there we can come out stronger and happier! Tell your loved one what someone means to you and you will never live in regret wondering if they knew when it’s too late.

Regional artists I draw inspiration from are my good friends @emmacottermusic@sachikosawah & @ibbyvk. Their art and hard work towards their goals are inspiring and I am thankful to be their friend and watch them grow.

I think people will appreciate the arts even more as it is becoming clear that it is essential. I may be totally off or dramatic but it’s like when the Black Plague happened and the Renaissance period started and creativity was overflo