So the COVID-19 pandemic hit us hard economically. Most of us freelancers are out of work. So I thought about highlighting the little guys that are hustling in a new concept called “Mowjood”, which means “I’m available, hire me!”

Check out everyone’s stories, expertise, and please reach out to them for work.

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Mowjood - Haifa Beseisso

My name is Haifa, like “High five 🖐” just with a “faa” in the end.

I find writing this caption to represent myself not easy. Answering the question of “Who are you?” always seems complicated to me.

As I believe we are diverse infinite beings that are constantly evolving.

Anyhow, let me try sharing a bit about myself.

My soul was born in a female body.

Ever since I was born I was a day dreamer, a thinker, and a little bit of a rebel.

One of my biggest achievements is challenging my strict school principle with the concept of the school system, then quitting my full time comfortable job in TV to travel the world and launch my YouTube channel.

I started as a girl who wants to bridge between cultures and wipe away stereotypes and racism creatively.

My videos reached millions of views and received many awards.

I then grew to care about my inner world fulfillment more than anything, this feeling of receiving an inner award means a lot to me.

I dream to use my voice on social media for a positive reason. I’m aware of how toxic social media could get and how it can affect our mental health, I want to be a part of the positive force and healing.

Lastly I was a girl who built a la la land in her mind, became a part time unicorn 🦄 part time workaholic. I guess that was my way to deal with the unpleasant part of life.

Then I became a person who was hit by reality especially when I had time to think about it, I saw many things that hurt me and I would cry some nights, feel helpless in another, or even guilty for not being able to do much for a lot of

suffering souls.

One of my biggest realizations was the effect of the patriarchy on our communities that I thought was long gone.

I was shocked to see the low key control it has over our community and women since history.

And sometimes, we don’t even know it.

We’re afraid to see it. Because fighting it will not be easy …. not only will we be dealing with patriarchy and what it brings, but we might be attacked by some women in the process.

I channel the energy and connect with all

The great women and men that lived and fought for a cause peacefully, creatively, and powerfully.

On this earth we may pay our human tax,

And be of service.

Yours truly,

High five

Mowjood - Big Hass

​Usually, I’d have everyone write their own story but Big Hass is one of those humble humans that will probably not do justice to his greatness. So I’ve decided to attempt to do it for him.

You cannot talk about our region’s music scene without mentioning Big Hass. In fact, I think he’s the most hard-working and influential figures in the industry. Some know him as the host of Saudi Arabia’s first Arabic hip hop radio station (Laish Hip Hop), while others know him as an MC, or en event organizer, or a host on Pulse 95 radio. Yes, he’s all of that combined but much more. This man has dedicated his life to lifting homegrown musicians up from a purely underground listenership to the sound systems of the average joe.

But hey, human beings have personal lives too, right? This man moved his family to Dubai solely so his autistic son could have more opportunities to develop. Since then, he’s become the loudest voice you that screams “AUTISM IS NOT A DISEASE!”

Unfortunately, there are a few idiots that come at him for the pettiest of reasons. Like this guy hasn’t done enough the community already. But hey, someone once told me, “life is like a video game; if no one’s shooting at you then you’re going the wrong way.”

ps. Big Hass can probably be president one day. I’d definitely vote for him.

Mowjood - Maha AJ

My name is Maha Abdelghaffar Jaafar
I go with Maha AJ because it is easier.

I am a dentist who found herself on social media by a complete coincidence.

I’ve always had a passion for comedy and acting and when I got the chance to create this type of content on social media, it was one of the best moments of my life and I knew I had to hang on to it with all my power.

I created a lot of content and I was blessed with so much love and support that made me get to milestones I’ve never imagined I could ever reach.

However I started losing connection with myself in the process. I struggled with discipline, creativity and motivation. I forgot about my blessings and lost focus of what originally inspired me.

Today, with the power of love and so much gratitude, I officially stand strong and decide that this is a new beginning.
A new beginning where I am living life more true to myself.

I am in love with the richness of my culture and I believe in the potential of my people and that’s the reason I choose to continue creating content that empowers, represents and inspires.

Follow your passion and never give up on what you love, never let the fire inside you die because this fire can change lives and reshape your future.

Mowjood - Emma Brain

​I’m Emma Brain, and I’ve been in the UAE since 2003. What do I do? Radio and tv presenter, voiceover, writer, sometimes actress and model.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been working on personal projects to expand my portfolio, learning a few new things, and focusing on what I want to do next. The pandemic has really changed the way the media industry has been working and it’s super tough for freelancers, so it’s about reinventing and expanding horizons.

I’ve been working a lot on my acting skills and a few recent projects, one for a social app and another for a student film have really helped with that.

I take inspiration from so many people and am always listening and learning from others.

My industry, in particular, has been hit extremely hard and definitely online, self-promotion and working for yourself is the way to go.

Mowjood - Hadeel Marei by Waleed Shah

Hala, my parents decided to name me hadeel so this is my name in this life time I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️my name doesn’t define who I am so I don’t care about it that much.
I doubt this year was kind to any of us, personally I’ve had my fair share of suffering and turmoil especially these past few months, been on the edge of insanity and back… For now 👀.
I live by unapologetically being myself, to not reflect what others want to see, to not reflect their egos and I suggest you do the same
I promise you the kind of liberation that comes with not lying about who you are is worth it, yes you will loose a lot of people but few will stick around and those are the ones worth your time and energy.

Mowjood - Curl Therapy

​Mony and Sara, two passionate curly women who will stop at nothing. One of our favorite things in the world is curly & textured hair. We have been working relentlessly on opening the first real and authentic curly hair salon in Dubai. Our dream is to change the stigma around curly hair, that it’s messy, unprofessional, unattractive or any of the other bad reputations it’s always been associated with it.

​We’ve struggled all our life to understand it to give it what it wants so we can make it look like we want it to. And after getting trained and certified by Lorraine Massey, the woman who unlocked its secrets, and after reading and continuing to research and make ourselves more knowledgeable, we are happily and eagerly sharing our knowledge and helping our curly clients reach this once-upon-a-time unattainable goal.

​After COVID-19, we are working harder and more vigilant as ever to keep doing what we do in a safer and controlled environment. We draw inspiration from several international curly hairstylists, but nature, especially trees, is a constant reminder of hair shapes and silhouettes that resemble our curls in so many ways.

​The word art has so many beautiful things that fall under it and we take pleasure in creating art every time we gi