I had planned a vacation in Japan and decided that I’d be an idiot if I didn’t do a project with Fujifilm on their home turf. We contacted local model Sayaka Ito and makeup artist Toriguchi Emi to and got to work at Dumbo Studio in Tokyo. I later took it around Japan for the remainder of my trip.

I’ve been shooting with the GFX50s on and off for a few months now. I don’t actually own one but I’m priveleged enough to be able to ask for it from Fujifilm Middle East whenever I have an interesting enough project. However, this would be the first time I try the 23mm f4 and the 110mm f2.

These two lenses are not my favourite for studio work. Here’s why:

110mm f2

  • The 110mm boasts an aperture of f2 but I’m usually at f8-f11 anyway so that doesn’t do much for me.
  • A good set of studio lights are usually too powerful for f2 at ISO100 at their lowest output.
  • The 120mm has a macro option so you can get right into the models eyes, or details on a product
  • Frankly, the difference in focal length between 110mm and 120mm doesn’t seem much to me.

23mm f4

  • This lens is a little too wide for my taste in a small or medium studio and it’s difficult to keep things out of the frame


Outside the STUDIO

Take these two lenses outside the studio and it’s a whole other ball game.

110mm f2

  • The depth of field here is phenomenal. The creaminess of the background at f2 is almost edible. Yes, edible. I want to eat it.
  • This lens/camera combination makes you want to shoot differently. I generally shoot tight portraits, but with this combo I found myself wanting to include as much of the background as possible.

23mm f4

  • I thought this was pretty wide in the studio, but taking it outside I really got to know how wide it is. However high a structure is and however close to it you are, you can still get it in the frame. I loved that
  • The depth of field was very impressive as well. Very shallow at f4 yet so sharp when you nail it. Plus, creamy background and super deep feeling to the photo
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In conclusion, if you shoot outdoors a lot then these lenses are for you. If you’re a studio guy/gal then stick with the 120mm f4 macro and the 32-64mm f4. However, keep in mind the GFX is not a run and gun system. I found myself thinking twice before carrying it around a city due to its weight. So unless you know these photos are going to be used for something special and not just on your instagram page then stick with a smaller system.