Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi called asking for food shots of…. All their dishes…. At each of the 5 restaurants… Or was it 4? Well, at this point whose counting right?

Off we went armed with a Fujifilm X-T1 and a selection of lenses. We setup outdoors for the first part so shoot in natural light. The manager asked for close ups mainly so naturally I pulled out the 50-140mm lens and got started. I showed her the first few shots and she said, “can we get it closer please”. No problem, went tighter and composed the shot with the edge of the olate in it. She looked at the shot and said, “closer please, only the food”. Sure, no problem, went in even tighter, as close as the lense would let me focus, filled the frame with food only and clicked. She looks at the screen and says… “Hmmm… Any chance we can get closer?”

What do you do at this point? I can’t get any closer without a macro lens. Wait wait wait….. I remember I bought $30 CCTV lens some time ago. It was a 35mm (God only knows the aperture) …. And it came with a macro ring. Let’s give that a shot. Screwed it on…. Focused, clicked, and …. Boom!!!! Super close up Macro food shots!!!

We also later moved indoors and shot a little wider with a 27mm pancake lens.

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