DSCF0263 by Waleed Shah

I came from a city that’s surrounded by nature. I grew up with its beauty and the first time I touched flowers I was around 12 years old. I already fell in love with them instantly and wanted to live with their bliss forever. Their scent, their color, and their texture stimulate my senses and make me feel alive. At Same age, I found myself wearing my mom’s heels so I knew that I was into fashion as well. Collaborating with Waleed was really amazing. He saw the potential that we can create a series of wonderful images with me and my flowers.

About the flowers used :

Antique romantic: A collection of premium garden roses. It’s a perfect match to my soul as it shows flowers become part of me. I get to see the world just like their beauty and I want to speak with them. The bliss of them budding and surrounding my body speaks to how close I am to earth and how living with optimism and sensitivity matters.

DSCF0175 by Waleed Shah

Cafe Latte rose: A special kind of rose because of its unusual vintage antique petals and ethereal colors.

Pink Oo’hara rose: An exquisite flower that delicately portrays incomparable romance and luxury. The multiple layers of the petals create an expressive bloom that brings romance to the atmosphere. O’Hara also defines purity, joy, and admiration.

Delfinium: Straight and sensitive. It symbolizes deep emotions and concepts. The colors are purple in blossom and create character.

DSCF0086 by Waleed Shah

Hydrangea: A cloud-like piece that symbolizes gratitude and genuine emotion. Expressed in fierce and strong appeal.

DSCF0359 by Waleed Shah


Model/Florist/Writer: Vera Ulianova