Volkswagen Tactical Campaign

Agency: Good Stills
Video by: Nikith Nath

5000478 Untitled_Panorama2-2


Created 300-megapixel images to enable Volkswagen to crop to any size while still maintaining the highest resolutions.


5000478 Untitled_Panorama2

5000478 Waleed Shah

5000478 VW Touareg

5000478 Panorama5-2

5000478 Panorama5

5000478 Untitled_Panorama3_corrected-4-2

5000478 Untitled_Panorama3_corrected-4

5000478 VW Cars Panorama-2

5000478 VW Cars Panorama

5000478 Untitled_Panorama1-2

5000478 Untitled_Panorama1



Behind The Scenes