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Hello and welcome to my shop. Well, it’s not really my own shop. I don’t actually ship the product myself when you order from here. The way it works is that if you order from any of these links I get a small percentage of the revenue. It’s usually something like 2-5%. So let’s promise each other something, I’ll be completely honest with you and what I think of these products and in return, if you do decide to purchase them you would do so through this page. Deal?

Lets get started then…

Complete Kit


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First up we’ve got MagMod. These are magnetic modifiers for your flash (speedlight) system. You can quickly attach different modifiers to you flash magnetically without in seconds. The modifiers are quite diverse. They’ve got ones that act like a big softbox to beautifully designed snoots and grids. Coloured gels are a breeze to put on and can be stacked with any of the other modifiers. The coolest mods though are the gobos. They’re little aluminum pieces that will project light with different patterns. With these babies the possibilities are endless. They’re my go-to system when I need to be light and nimble.