Menon’s Video Launch Party


Every once in a while the stars align and I can make to it to one of the local music scene’s events. This time it was Menon’s video launch to his song “Feelin’ Different”. I told myself, “Waleed, don’t take your camera, this is not a job, go have a good time….” Yeah… right….

I parked outside GQ bar and decided maybe I should just take my Fujifilm X-T1 with a 56mm 1.2 attached…. why not give the performers a photo each, won’t be too much trouble… Walked in, said hello and realized this place is way too dark to shoot any photos with the setup I have. Fiiiiiineee…. back to the car, grabbed my speedlight, tripod and wireless triggers and set them up in a corner…. Alright alright….maybe I grabbed a few more lenses too…. but I’m still only shooting a couple of photos…. yeah right….

Shef Codes impressed me a little. Not with his DJ skills (which are pretty damn impressive) but with his knowledge of photography gear and terms… he’d been reading up and dropped some words like APS-C, bokeh, X-mount…. I’m like daaaaaammmnn… this guys gone in deep…

Tiny steps up to the microphone now and does something very subtle. Quiz Quizzle had walked in to set up the projector to show Menon’s video. The screen is supposed to be right behind where Tiny was performing. So to draw attention away from the commotion of everyone trying to set up the screen, Tiny walks into the crowd to the other side of the bar and does his set from there. That took away some of the pressure off of Quiz and his team to get the screens working. Mad respect Tiny…
Now it was time for us to see the video. It wasn’t just a music video, it was a movie. I don’t think I can describe it without giving anything away, so I highly suggest you and watch it yourself….. when its uploaded…
Menon then jumps on a table and performs a few songs from his album “4am”. Hard core fans knew all the lines and were right up in Menon’s personal space. I totally forgot how beautiful the energy is in small underground gigs like these. Nothing but love….
Shout out to everyone that was involved in the the music, the video and the launch party….
Ps. That party was brought to you by Boombox Entertainment