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Tour Dates

Kerala, India: May 20th – June 1st
Dubai, UAE: June 1st – June 9th
Cairo, Egypt: June 10th – June30th
Dubai, UAE: June 30th – July 20th
Barcelona, Spain: July 20th – July 25th
Ibiza, Spain: July 25 – July 29th
Madrid, Spain: July 29th – August 2nd
Tunis, Tunisia: August 2nd – August 10th
Tentatively Saudi, Bahrain, Kuwait: August 10th – August 30th

Get in touch on waleed@waleedshah.ae for bookings


It was great working with Waleed. He was able to connect with the subject and reflect the emotions of the moment through his creative photography.


Marketing Team

Waleed is one of the first names I reach out to when we have job which needs creativity, passion and professionalism. He’s a pleasure to work with and we can trust the results


Red Bull

Waleed Shah’s photography captures the spirit of performances at The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi with the eye of a true artist. His work goes far beyond merely documenting the event, and brings a unique artistic perspective that results in iconic images


Executive Artistic Director – New York University Abu Dhabi